When To Consider Used Car Parts For Repairs To Your Vehicle

20 January 2023
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Replacement parts for your car or truck can be expensive, and the parts you need may no longer be available. One option you may want to consider is used auto parts from the local salvage yard that can be installed as-is or refurbished and then installed in your vehicle. 

Used Parts

When considering used car parts for your vehicle, you need to look for auto parts in good shape to ensure they will last a while. In some cases, the used car parts you purchase are nearly new and may come from a car or truck that was involved in an accident that left it no longer road worthy. 

The parts you need from the vehicle may be in perfect condition, but the price you pay for them is often lower because they do not come with guarantees. The salvage operator may already have the vehicle parts when you call about them, or they may tell you to come and take the used parts out if you want them. 

In both cases, it is essential to look the parts over carefully to ensure they will work for your application. There is no point in installing used parts that are not in good condition and will wear out quickly, leaving you back in the same place you started.

Large Parts

Some of the bigger parts on your car, like the engine, transmission, or differential, are expensive to purchase new but are often available used. If you have a vehicle that uses common parts like a small block v8 engine, or a TH350 automatic transmission, used auto parts vendors often have more than one options to choose from. 

If you are buying an engine for your car, look for one still in a vehicle at the salvage yard so you can hear it run. Transmissions are often harder to evaluate, but you can look the case over for cracks or damage, turn the torque converter on the front by hand and listen for noise inside the case. 

Used car parts can be a good alternative for your car or truck repair. They are also an excellent option when customizing the vehicle and adding something it didn't have originally, like replacing the axles under a four-wheel-drive truck with one-tone axles, for instance, or swapping a larger motor into a car. 

No matter the reason for using them, there are many good used car parts around that can save you money and get your older car up and running when there are no other options.