Exploring Your Options For Replacement Auto Parts

5 October 2022
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There are several different options available when it comes to purchasing replacement auto parts. Understanding the pros and cons associated with each of these options will play an important role in ensuring you ultimately get the parts that are best suited to your specific repair and budget needs. Continue reading below to learn more about each of the replacement auto parts options you will have to choose from. 

Option #1: New Replacement Auto Parts  

Brand new auto parts are often available through a variety of traditional and online retailers. These parts can also be purchased directly through many manufacturers. Many auto repair shops will also take care of ordering these parts for you when completing repairs on your vehicle. The most notable benefit these parts have to offer is that they often come with a lengthy warranty which ensures you will not need to cover the cost of replacing the same parts in the near future. Unfortunately, the peace of mind that brand-new parts offer does come at a higher price than what you can expect to pay for either of the other two options discussed below. 

Option #2: Used Replacement Auto Parts

Used auto parts are traditionally taken from vehicles that are no longer roadworthy either due to serious mechanical issues or body damage. While these vehicles may no longer be functional as a whole, they often contain many parts that are still in good condition. Unfortunately, since these parts have already been used, it is quite common for suppliers to offer no warranty coverage for used parts. While this can be a problem when looking to buy major mechanical components, this lack of warranty coverage should not be an issue when purchasing parts for the body of your vehicle. Regardless of what specific parts you require, you will find that used auto parts also offer the lowest prices on the market. 

Option #3: Rebuilt Replacement Auto Parts

Rebuilt auto parts are also commonly referred to as refurbished auto parts. These are replacement parts that have undergone an inspection and repair process to restore them to a like-new condition. While these parts do technically fall into the category of used auto parts, the repairs and restoration that these parts undergo truly do set them apart from the other used parts on the market. The like-new condition of these parts allows them often be sold with a warranty while the used nature of these parts allows you to still get them at a discount when compared to brand new parts. For many people, this combination of features makes rebuilt auto parts the perfect option for their car repair needs.