3 Things Every Fiberglass Boat Owner Needs To Maintain The Hull Of Their Boat

27 February 2020
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You enjoy your boat every time you get an opportunity to get it into the water, and you probably want to do all you can to make sure it lasts you for as many years as possible. One of the biggest parts of maintaining a fiberglass boat in a way that will prolong its lifespan is to take care of its main hull. This is the part of the boat that is in contact with the water, which means it is also the part of the boat that requires the most ongoing attention and protection. Take a look at some of the items every fiberglass boat owner needs to have on hand to help maintain the hull of their boat. 

Pick up a fiberglass blister repair kit. 

One of the most notorious problems with a fiberglass boat hull is the development of small blisters, which are small areas where the fiberglass material seems to protrude out from the surface. A fiberglass blister repair kit gives you everything you need to sand down this blister and fill it with new material. You will then apply a material to seal the area so it is aptly protected. It never hurts to have one of these repair kits on hand just in case you ever spot a blister on the hull of the boat. 

Invest in a good fiberglass sealant. 

Fiberglass sealant is something you add to the hull of your boat periodically to protect that slick finish, but many boat owners neglect to do this maintenance task. Without a good coat of sealing every year or so, the fiberglass can start to break down, especially if you spend a lot of time in salty water. You can pick up a good fiberglass sealant product at pretty much any marine maintenance parts supply store, and it is not all that expensive compared to what it offers your boat in the way of protection. 

Pick up a fiberglass crack repair kit. 

You may rarely ever see a fiberglass boat hull with a deep crack because of the way the material is designed. However, it is possible to come across a small hairline crack or fissure in the surface if there has been some kind of stress on the surface. You can buy crack repair kits for fiberglass that will seal these thin imperfections so the hull of the boat does not sustain any further damage.